Here are a couple of recipes I’ve been baking lately:

  • Basic Muffins – I like these muffins because they’re so versatile, and they are quick to prepare. Great for when we’re out of bread. My modifications: I use white whole wheat flour, drop the sugar down to 1/4 cup, and I use melted coconut oil. I’ve made the oatmeal variation, and it’s tasty, as well. Lately, we’ve been adding 1.5 cups frozen mulberries to the batter, as we need to use up the berries in our freezer. Mulberry season will be upon us next month!
  • Soaked Whole Grain Bread – Just gave these a try yesterday/today. I used white whole wheat flour, but realized I was out of rolled oats. So I subbed 1.5 c whole oat groats. It worked fine, but I’ll use flaked or rolled oats next time. (We buy oat groats in bulk, and I’m getting a grain flaker soon!) Other details: I used millet, but skipped the flaxseed (don’t have any); I used apple cider vinegar as my acid medium; and I skipped the dough enhancer and used 3 tbsp. vital wheat gluten. It was my first time using vital wheat gluten, and I don’t plan to continue using it (it’s not really a whole food), but I had some leftover from trying to make chickpea cutlets a while back, so I thought I’d try it. The bread turned out great, but I’m sure it will turn out great without the vital wheat gluten, as well. (Kneading four loaves’ worth of dough is a killer workout, by the way.) I don’t usually have trouble getting whole wheat bread to rise; it’s all about the kneading (thanks to The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book, I know how!). I only have two Pyrex loaf pans, so I put the additional two loaves together in my 8 x 8 Pyrex baking dish (read about that in Laurel’s Kitchen, as well). Worked like a charm. They push against each other to rise up during baking. The bread was soooo good.

2 thoughts on “Bakey

  1. my whole grain breads have been hard as rocks lately (using white whole wheat flour, whole wheat bread flour, and 50/50 whole wheat and white bread flour to replace all white bread flour). adding the vital wheat gluten has made them rise well, but they still end up hard and dense.
    have you tried using dough enhancer before? know anything about it?

    1. nope, haven’t tried. i’ve read that it works well. i skip it because we avoid soy. try soaking your flour before kneading; it always lightens up bread, in my experience. soaked flour muffins are always light and tasty.

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