Mini Farm Update

Hoo boy, summer is in full swing. That means little time for blogging. And baby means little time for gardening. The plants are pretty much on their own lately, though we’re trying to help as much as we can.

  • I don’t know that I ever blogged the first tomato, and I’m a little bummed about that. I’m pretty sure it was sometime between 7/9 – 12. We’ve had a small trickle of tomatoes since then, 1-4 every day. No big ones, just glaciers and various cherries/pears.
  • Speaking of pear tomatoes, I only grew them because the kids insisted. When I suggested not growing them this year (back in March), they protested and said, “But we love them!” So I started them, and planted a couple strong starts. And guess what? They taste as boring and mealy as they did last year. Why the kids like them, I will never know. But if they eat them, I will grow them.
  • We’ve had 3-4 zucchinis. They’re so delicious.
  • I weeded a lot of squash and cucumbers, so we might actually have a chance with them. Thanks to my friend Tricia, I did a couple of hours of weeding Saturday morning while she watched the kids. The weeds were so big that it was a full-on cardiovascular workout, complete with bloody fingers.
  • Yesterday (Monday 7/19/10), Jason pretty much spent the whole day mowing, weeding, and mulching. We saw him at breakfast and dinner, and in between, he mowed, took a “break” to weed, took a “break” to mulch, and mowed again. He even skipped lunch.
  • Despite all of this, there are plenty of weeds out there.
  • Colorado Potato Beetles like eggplant.
  • They also like potatoes.
  • Squash bugs have had no trouble finding the squash already.
  • Tomato hornworms are my nemesis. Jason has hand-picked several dozen, including 17 in one picking last week. I hate how they click and hiss at you when they realize you’re onto them. Nasty little (big!) buggers.
  • There are so many green tomatoes out there! I can’t wait to bite into my first juicy heirloom. The big ones, I mean. The cherries and glaciers are nice, but I’m so excited for the first Cherokee Purple.
  • We never got any green/dry beans planted this year. I’m very sad about this.
  • Mama left her baby chicks on Monday 7/12/10! That night, when Jason went to lock all the chickens up, he counted the hens in the hoop coop and realized that Mama had gone to bed there instead of in the little tractor with the babies. Sure enough, the babies were not on the ground, but found their way into the coop  portion of the little tractor, and were sitting in a cute little row on the starter roost we have in there.
  • The next day, I had all the chickens/chicks out ranging together, and I brought out some food scraps. Mama was the first big chicken to come join the chicks in the eating, and she surprised me by grabbing a huge piece of food and running off. The chicks chased her, clearly expecting her to share, but she kept running until they left her alone. She is certainly no longer babying them!
  • The babies are doing fine. They have a little pecking order of their own, and a little cockerel (the biggest of the babies) is at the top. He is always leading the flock, approaching me first, being bossy, etc.
  • Just as I suspected, there are two cockerels and three pullets.
  • We had some damage to our garden fence. Probably a deer. First deer damage we’ve seen since we moved here. There is no evidence that he got in the garden, but it sure looks like he tried.
  • Bunnies! Lots. Just about every day, I see one hopping across the driveway near the garden as I drive out to run errands or go to church. Jason said he’s seen them in the garden, which saddens me. I hope they don’t decimate everything.
  • Peas are done. Need to rip them out and sow something.
  • The sweet potatoes haven’t exploded yet. Not all survived, but they’re growing slowly. I hope we get a decent crop. Our Irish potatoes are also disappointing this year.
  • Corn and soybeans, new crops for us, are doing fine. We planted a little of each, just to see how it goes. Someone pointed out that perhaps our lack of deer problems last year was due to our absence of corn, so now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have planted corn. But I guess we’ll see.
  • We bought a rechargeable string trimmer (Black & Decker, I’ll do a review later) so we can edge the garden. Finally. I’m so happy about this. It’s a hot mess.
  • It’s time for pesto! Our six basil plants are going to flower, so I need to harvest and let them re-grow.
  • This not-so-mini garden update needs to end now. Baby beckons. If you like to weed and want veggies, come over and pick weeds and veggies to your heart’s content! We’ll feed you dinner and send you home with eggs, too. Seriously, call and come over.

I’m going to start a “What We’ve Been Up To Lately” series to update you all on Jason’s recent job changes and how that affects our family. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Mini Farm Update

  1. I found the tomato horn worm today. Nate and I looked and looked and can’t find anymore. He picked it off for me.

    1. ooooh. ewwwww. glad you have a brave husband. did he do much damage? how big was he?

      just watch for the berry poo, and more stripped branches and/or tomatoes with bites taken out of them. you’ll know.

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