Three More Chicks!!!

I kid you not. I walked out to check on the mama in the little tractor – the one with the four chicks that surprised us by hatching while we were gone, three of which we let her keep – and she had somehow doubled her numbers overnight. She was off the nest all day yesterday, until about 7 p.m. I saw her jump in the nest, and there she sat all night. So we’ll call today their birthday – 8/18/10. (I had removed four of her “dud” eggs when we moved her to the little tractor, thinking it would give her new chicks more space under mom. Now I wonder if I tossed live chicks. Very sad at the thought.) There are two eggs left.

KIDS: Wow, Mommy, three more chicks! Cool!

ME: !!!

Those were some hardy eggs. She abandoned them at least twice, the second time for nearly a day, and then yesterday from dawn ’til 7 p.m. – and yet they hatched. Amazing. Astounded, I am.

Also, freaking out. Friday, we had one lonely chick from 25 possible hatches. By tomorrow, we will have 34 days-old chicks. 34!!! Bringing our farm chicken total to 50.

I have the  sinking feeling that I’ll be brooding some of the babies myself. I don’t know how many babies I can get the mamas to adopt. At least it’s warm enough to do it outside.


2 thoughts on “Three More Chicks!!!

  1. we ended up ordering 60 this time around and got 65, making our total chicken count 76. we have fun watching them run around out hayfield catching bugs.

    it is so much fun to read about your adventures with broody mamas. we are hoping from some so that we don’t have to order new chicks next year.

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