Okay, I know I still haven’t posted pictures of our newest chicks. Neither have I posted pictures of our new IKEA leather couches. Sorry. This is a very busy season for me, and sometimes I’m lucky if I even *take* the pictures, nevermind posting them. I will work on it. Soon.

I’m still on the hunt for a living room rug. I had nearly decided on going with Flor tiles, as they are so versatile, easy to clean, and easy to switch out worn/stained tiles. The company accepts their tiles back for recycling, and many of their rugs are made with recycled content. So green, too. But. I still haven’t found a combo that I like. I even ordered six sample tiles, and I wasn’t thrilled with any of them.

Now I’ve decided that I’m in love with this rug (Eva from Pottery Barn):

Sigh. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s wool. Yes, it would need to be spot-cleaned, or professionally cleaned. But look at the pretty pattern! It would Β hide stains so nicely! And, we don’t eat in the living room, so less chance of stains, right? It’s currently on sale, and I think we can get away with a 5′ x 8′. Persian-style rugs are so versatile, and have a classic styling that can go with modern, country, eclectic, traditional designs…you can kind of put a Persian-style rug anywhere. And this one has a lot of colors that I like in it (I’m always drawn to combos of yellow, red, blue, and green) so I can always paint the walls another color and use the same rug.

What say ye? Flor or Pottery Barn?


10 thoughts on “Eva

  1. Go with the Pottery Barn!! So beautiful and I think you will like it for a longer period of time. Like you said, it will go with almost any color and style of furniture. If you aren’t thrilled with the flor, you will probably get sick of it sooner. At least that’s how I feel about it! LOVE the Persian rug!

  2. Hi Serina!

    I say, go with the classic from Pottery Barn. You will have it forever and ever! Even better that it’s on sale. If you can do it financially, that’s my choice! πŸ™‚

  3. Serina, we have a bunch of wool PB rugs, and they are really wonderful. Even with a messy kiddo now, they are holding up just great. Wool is naturally water-repellent, too, so stains aren’t as bad as you might think. Go for it!! You’ll love it for a long time.

  4. Oh jealous. When our cats get rehomed I am getting a rug immediately. Our living room is a renovated sunroom and the floor gets so cold in the winter because it sits on concrete, but my allergies have made rugs impossible with the cats. But my allergies are so dire after the last few years that we are definitely rehoming, so I’ll be down two kitties but up a rug. uh, mixed blessings.

  5. well, you are my sister, and we do love pottery barn, now don’t we? I just looked at their fall catalog and drooled on nearly every single beautifully designed page.

    Persian rugs ARE versatile, easy to hide stains, and they just can go with nearly any style you’re looking for. I agree with bonnie, if you haven’t decided on a Flor pattern yet, you probably don’t really like it.

    If you can swing the $$…do it!

  6. Having worked for Pottery Barn, I can tell you that a wool rug is probably going to shed. A lot. They’re all hand-tied, which is fantastic, but it adds to the shedding. It’ll get better after many vacuums, though. And PB has fantastic customer service and will let you return a used rug should the shedding become a problem. This is going to sound weird, but smell your rug if you can before you take it home. We had many returned rugs due to strange odors from glue.
    It’s a lovely rug, though!!

  7. It’s a beautiful rug and I love the color combination. However…I just finished cleaning our living room carpet from a sick kid this morning. Some stains can’t quite be avoided. Season of life, season of life…

    1. ugh, kaethe. sorry about your sick kid! this is my biggest holdback – those stains which simply can’t be avoided. hope your rug pulls through (relatively) unscathed…

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