First Day of School 2010-11

Pictures from the first day of homeschool, 9/7/10. Can you believe this was the best I got? It is so hard to capture four children (including one baby) smiling (or otherwise looking nice) at one time! Which is your favorite? I have to print one for the front of my homeschool binder. (Yes, curriculum post coming up, pinky swear.)

And just for reference, here they are one year ago (Cal in utero, behind the camera!):


12 thoughts on “First Day of School 2010-11

  1. I like #5, real smiles from Asher and Ellery.
    I was going to say the same thing about how much Ellery has grown up!

  2. oh! what great pictures! i’d have to definitely vote for #2. i LOVE how all the big kids are smiling, and callan is just sitting there- sideways and wondering! enjoy these busy years! they go by SO quickly- i took gabriel to the marine recruiters on monday , and that was much harder than i imagined it would be. still no definite descision from him, but i’m praying that he changes his mind…

  3. I have to vote for #3, as well. And I also have to agree with everyone about how much they (esp ellery) have grown in one year. WoW!

    I see them regularly, but still love pictures. you should post more (haha, I know, I should talk).

  4. I like the 5th one, b/c A & E’s smiles are so cute.

    Are you allowed to have favorites with other peoples kids? I think so, b/c some people have favorites with mine. Well, if I am actually allowed to have favorites -and I really hope this doesn’t offend you- I just love Asher. I think he is the sweetest, cutest thing. πŸ™‚

    On a total side note, what is the name of that thing you (& the Baileys do) where you sign up for veggies with others in the community and support local farmers?

    After 4 years of thinking about & debating… I think I’m finally ready.

    Do you have any suggestions for who to contact or where or how?

    1. grace, *you’re* allowed to have favorites. it’s the mom who can’t. πŸ˜‰

      the “thing” is called a csa, which stands for community supported agriculture. go to and search by zip code. i can recommend a couple of farms for you to start off with, if you’d like. facebook or email me and we can talk veggies.

  5. My GOSH, you’ve got cute kids! I like either #2 or #5, but they’re all adorable.

    I’m also admiring how much each has changed in a year. And their color-coded flip flops? Is that a brilliant mom-of-many move I’m seeing, or just a coincidence?

    1. thanks, kristen! i’d like to claim brilliance, but i’ll go with dead honesty: those are the exact same flip flops. they loved them so much that they wore them this year, too, even though there were kinda small. πŸ˜‰

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