What Homeschooling Has Taught Me About Myself

Edie at lifeingrace has written a beautiful post that really resonates with me:

I am impatient.   I don’t have the fortitude to stick with tasks like I should.    I am weak and undisciplined and lack the courage of my convictions.    I talk about self-control but don’t have very much.   I teach my girls to treat people with kindness but then I lack compassion with my own family.    I am a hypocrite and a real honest to goodness sinner.   I struggle with contentment and then get angry with them for their discontent.   I see in them my own sins and failures and then withhold mercy when they need it most.

This task of teaching my children has broken me.

They see through all my charades.

I can’t hide myself from them.

And this intimacy has exposed every frail part of me.   The selfishness.   The lies.   All my broken dreams.  Even the weakness of my faith.

They don’t see a shiny perfect vessel.   They see the real me,  the shattered pieces of a life  undone.

Self-sufficiency is being put to death in my life.   I must learn to lean on Another.

And yet……

……miraculously,  they love me unconditionally…[click to read more]


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