Ellery Maeve

This girl cracks me up. I just happened across these pictures of her, taken last August (15 months ago) and she looks so different! Look at that baby face. This little photo shoot really reveals her personality. My little five-year-old is such a sweet, quirky character with an offbeat sense of humor. She is sensitive and can be reserved, yet she is not shy. She is reading up a storm these days (she’s reading Little House on the Prairie behind me as I type this) and loves her daily phonics/math time with me. Another recent quirk about her is that due to her severe double ear infection, her hearing is reduced, and she’s still recovering. So you have to speak really clearly and loud, and right at her, or she won’t hear you. We can laugh about it now, but I really hope her hearing returns soon, because it has totally changed the way we communicate with her. I love this little gal so much. You really have to click on the pictures below to see them bigger; she has such a great face. (I know I’m her mom, but really, doesn’t she?)

And here is one of her recently, right after my mom gave her bangs for the first time (her one eye is partly closed, but it’s still a nice picture):


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