Lent 2011

Hello, Internet! I am giving you up for Lent 2011. That does not include email or Sundays. I will be filling my former internet time with productivity, mainly of the crafty variety, and time spent with God and family. My little Ellery (who just turned six!) gave up hot sauce again this year, funny girl. She is addicted to the stuff, so it’s really quite a sacrifice on her part. Maya has committed to play with her siblings more. Are you fasting from anything this year?

If you need to contact me, try:

  • Email
  • Letters
  • Telegrams
  • Visiting (I recommend calling first)
  • Leave a comment here with your email address in the form (I will automatically get an email and write you back)
  • Signal pigeon

God’s blessings to you during this time of preparation.


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