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New year, new focus. Since our lower level had serious water issues last fall and needed to be ripped down to studs (or even down to nothing), we are looking at some serious work before this new baby comes in May. We need to put together a completely new bathroom (it’s gutted to the studs, and some of the rotting studs are even gone), re-configure and remodel the laundry room, add flooring for bathroom/laundry/hallway/bedrooms, and paint/refresh the bedrooms.

Whew. Are you tired just reading that? I am.




This will involve lots of plumbing, electrical, construction, drywall, cleaning, and lots of other not fun stuff. But today, I need to focus on the pretty, so that I can ramp up the motivation to get this done.




We will be installing a restored and refinished antique clawfoot tub with shower and full curtain surround. (Found a local guy who will do this for us. Not a DIY for this family.) This makes best use of a space that has a window and allow us to still have a bathtub. I also like that any water issues with a clawfoot tub are immediately visible – the walls, floor, etc. get wet, and you wipe them up. None of this leaky-shower-moldy-walls-and-floors business.




The rest of the bathroom will be simple: re-use the old toilet (it’s white and works fine), build a simple vanity to work around all the extra plumbing that this bathroom entails (more on that later, it’s actually quite boring), find some lighting I like, figure out wall finish (I’m thinking board-and-batten wainscot with towel hooks), install waterproof floors. (Never, ever install laminate in a bathroom. Never! Ever! It was so gross!)

More inspiration:




How will we do this – he the graduate student with two demanding jobs, and she the pregnant homeschooling mom who also attempts to maintain the household? Not sure. While we love DIY, we’d totally hire someone in a heartbeat to do all of this, given our time constraints for this big project. But the budget says no. So I’ll just keep looking at the pretty pictures and wait for the bank account to tell us to grab a hammer and mask and go for it!

5 thoughts on “Bathroom Inspiration

  1. well, our bathroom isn’t down to studs but it really needs a makeover considering that the last one didn’t even get finished. I was just looking at bathroom inspiration myself last week. You found great pictures! I printed all the pics I like, put them on some poster board and wrote next to each one what I specifically like about it. So helpful. Now, just to get it done…b/t milking cows, keeping house and homeschool kids…the little song that Dory from Nemo sings runs through my head…”just keep swimming, just keep swimming”

  2. Try offering housing to someone in exchange for the rehab work. Many folks who are homeless would jump at the chance to have a roof over their heads for awhile in exchange for the work.

  3. I just want to say that you are KILLING me with all your pins on pinterest!!! It’s making me want to redo my whole house! 🙂

    Good luck with all the renos….you’ll find a way like always! I’ll be interested in what you come up with for the laundry room…..I so want to tackle ours. It’s SO ugly!

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