Dude, It’s HOT Out There

If we indeed hit 104, it will be the hottest day our area has seen since 1936 – the Dust Bowl years.

Last year, our circa 1975 central air conditioning bit the dust during a heat wave. It was brutal. Finally, some HVAC guys came over and charged it up and replaced a motor or something, and it’s been working fine ever since. My dreams of getting a new central air unit quickly melted away.


But cheaper!

Now, during the hottest heat wave since 1988, the AC is trying really, really hard to keep up. It’s an noble effort. By late afternoon, when the temps have been over 100 and heat index up near 116, it just runs non-stop and the house hits 80, even with the AC set at 76. But I am thankful to have it! So thankful! I keep telling Silas that it’s too hot to nurse, but he doesn’t listen. Stubborn 9-week-old. We try to keep the temp high and turn fans on, so it feels cooler. Seems to work alright.

I was wondering what folks did when it was 104 on July 6 in 1936?! All those businessmen and bankers and grocers and other people that had to work indoors without air conditioning? Did they go to work naked? Did they stay home? I can’t even imagine wearing a shirt and tie and being indoors in this weather. And the farmers! The farmers who were mostly still all “organic” before they knew what that even was – having to work the fields by hand or tractor, but without chemicals, and keep those weeds down. And the crops must’ve just wilted to nothing. Unbelievable.

Even though I know we’ll be paying for this (literally) when the bill comes around, I am beyond thankful to have air conditioning right now. A cool front comes through Sunday, and the highs will be in the 80s. I can’t wait.



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