Summer Twenty-Twelve

Whew, it’s hot out there! We’ve had so many record-setting days this summer that I’ve lost count. Our garden, which is largely resting this year while we adjust to baby number five and patronize our local CSA, looks sad, sad, sad. The six tomato plants we did plant (we usually grow 40) are short and pathetic. But there are green tomatoes on them, so I have hope of doing a little canning. The orchard is suffering from high heat and neglect; the strawberry patches are dead and dry, as are the blueberry bushes, raspberry canes, and Asian pear trees. The pear trees have some life in them and will likely survive, but I don’t have a lot of hope for the rest of them. The chickens are still laying, but not as much, and we have a huge hawk problem this year (this deserves another post). But the heat! I’m incredibly thankful that our circa 1975 central air conditioning is working this year. Though our July electric bill is a doozy…

Silas Five, 10 weeks old, napping on the living room floor.

Silas (11 weeks old!) gave us a scare last week when he woke up at 4:30 a.m. Sunday with a temperature of 103.6. We ended up rushing him to the ER, being admitted, and subjecting him to all sorts of painful and scary tests (bloodwork, lumbar puncture, catheterization). We are blessed and thankful beyond words that he is alive and healthy today. While we will probably never know what he had, we know it was a nasty virus that caused something that resembled viral meningitis. I have only been that scared one other time – when Ellery, then 3 weeks old, had RSV.

Being a parent can be hard on the heart! But the rewards are so worth it.

Despite the insane heat, we have managed to find plenty of time to play outside. (Just not between the hours of 10 and 2.)

Peekaboo! Mommy bought us this great little playset for $50 off Craigslist.
Getting a good picture of all four of the mobile kids is not an easy task! They have been having a great time with this playset, even though I wasn’t sure the bigger ones would love it. They create circuses and plays all the time. Mostly circuses. 🙂
“Ta-da!” [Cal (2) and Ellery (7)]
My two brunettes,  Asher (4) and Maya (9) 
At first, they were content to sit on top of the walls. Now they all try to STAND on top of the walls. Guess how comfortable I am with that.
Maya treed this little (Big! Huge! Fat!) fella the other day. She chased him from the pasture near the chickens; we saw him prowling around the coops and thought he was a cat or other menace. Turns out he was just a scared-outta-his-mind herbivore.
Two staples. This is what happens when you are a wiggly, impulsive two-year-old and you sit backward at the edge of your parents’ bed while your mother is holding your baby brother so her arms are too full to quickly grab you. You smack the back of your head on the floor and your mother feels terrible. You might get a popsicle out of the deal, though.
This is my handsome Asher right after his last t-ball game of his first season. He is SO PROUD of that medal.

2 thoughts on “Summer Twenty-Twelve

  1. Nothing I didn’t know already, but I love to hear about it again anyway. 🙂 LOVE, the picture of Asher. He is handsome and sweet and he was very proud of that medal.

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