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(Above: 13 Bourbon Red turkey eggs from a local breeder in my new incubator! See, lots going on around here! The poults are due to hatch 5/18. More on that in the days to come.)

Oh, my blog, how I missed you!

Lent is over, and I managed to stay away from my blog and Facebook, except for Sundays. I didn’t stay away from the internet as much as I had hoped, but I did okay on that front, as well.

One thing I have learned is that I miss blogging. Even before Lent, I was not blogging like before. I think Facebook has a lot to do with it. But I’m realizing that I want a more detailed and consistent record of my days than Facebook can provide. More stuff, more pictures, more flow, more stream-of-consciousness writing. More of what my blog used to be.

So you will be seeing more of me, Internet. I might still write topically and informationally from time to time, but even more, it will be just me and my days. Some of you will be very happy with this, and some of you will move on. Both are just fine with me. I hope those of you who continue to stop in will drop me a comment or email once in a while; I like to hear from you.

I will post more on Lent and how my family is doing in the coming week. Biggest update: Cal is 15 months and finally walking! He’s so much trouble, but gosh, I love him so.

How was your Lent?

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Hello, Internet! I am giving you up for Lent 2011. That does not include email or Sundays. I will be filling my former internet time with productivity, mainly of the crafty variety, and time spent with God and family. My little Ellery (who just turned six!) gave up hot sauce again this year, funny girl. She is addicted to the stuff, so it’s really quite a sacrifice on her part. Maya has committed to play with her siblings more. Are you fasting from anything this year?

If you need to contact me, try:

  • Email
  • Letters
  • Telegrams
  • Visiting (I recommend calling first)
  • Leave a comment here with your email address in the form (I will automatically get an email and write you back)
  • Signal pigeon

God’s blessings to you during this time of preparation.

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Via a series of random clicks in the blogosphere, I ended up at Care Calendar. It’s a free program to organize meals and service to those in need (new moms, the bereaved, those post-surgery or suffering from an illness, etc.). If you’ve ever organized meals like this before, you know what a help this sort of thing can be.

Check it out and let me know if it works for you.

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Lent 2009

Do you observe Lent? Will you be giving something up or taking something on?

I’m giving up sugar this year. (Honey, maple syrup, and stevia don’t count.) It will be difficult but good. And I can always indulge on Sundays, if I so choose. I find that giving up something that is not necessarily evil, but that I deeply enjoy, causes me to have many opportunities to focus on Christ and pray. Sugar craving = pray. Whining about no sugar = pray. Overconsumption of honey to make up for no sugar = pray.

Tonight, we will be attending a special Ash Wednesday service. As some of you know, we are still members of our Anglican (formerly Episcopal) church back in western PA. We have struggled with finding a church home here in west Michigan (apparently we like the western sides of states). There are no Anglican churches in our city. The nearest one is 50 minutes away, an hour in the winter.

However, partly at our initiation, the priest from that Anglican church will be holding an Ash Wednesday service for us at the local university’s chapel. There are a handful of orthodox Episcopalians/Anglicans in the area, and this is a way for us to connect. (We’ve invited students, too, of course.) The hope is to plant a church in the future, but the timeline could be more drawn out than we might like.

We need to become active members of a church family soon, not in three years. We are praying about our options, and specifically for the Lord to direct us through meetings like tonight. I’m excited to meet some other folks. There is at least one other couple, and they’re international students! Right up our (international student campus minister) alley.

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So, as my sister so kindly commented ;o), I’ve been poor about posting lately. Sorry. I have lots of good reasons, some of which you know, and some of which you will hear about in the days to come. Basically, life is full, and I am mostly pleased with that. It just leaves me exhausted and less bloggy, which I am not pleased about.

I will work on getting that post sticky completed. Our wood stove is humming along nicely, keeping us toasty through this frigid November. I’ll update on how that’s going – how warm/cold we’re staying, how much wood we go through, and how dirty the hearth is. Constantly.

Snow. My gosh, the snow. I know we’re back in a snowier area, but even just being a little west of where we were before when we lived in Michigan also makes a big difference. We get inches more than folks slightly east. It’s the lake effect, blah blah blah. Mostly, it’s awesome, and gorgeous, and we just stay home a lot. Our street is rarely plowed and never salted, so it’s treacherous out here. The rest of the nearby city could have perfect streets, but since we have to skate on 2 – 4 miles of ice to get there, we don’t go into town nearly as much as before.

And how is our 1300 foot long driveway treating us, you ask? Just fine, thank you. We haven’t paid to have it plowed once. Jason has shoveled a two track down it a couple of times, much to his back’s chagrin. But our Wovel (a “wheeled shovel” – I almost bought it just for the name) finally arrived, and we’re hoping it’s a fossil-fuel-free solution to our snowy driveway woes. I will post a review on it just as soon as we have the chance to use it. (The first comment people make when they visit us for the first time is, “Wow, how will you get out of here in winter? Do you have a truck/plow?” It’s a loooong driveway. But we’re committed to finding a human-powered solution, at least for this first year. Perhaps next year, I’ll be posting about our new snow plow guy, but I hope not.)

On the kid front, things are going swimmingly. Maya continues to become the bookworm her mother was, and I’m finding myself reading more (in order to complete books before she gets to them, as I like to read her books first). I haven’t read so many children’s novels since I took Children’s Lit in college. (Currently reading: The Secret Garden.) Ellery is teaching herself to write, and surprises me by writing new words every day. She has eczema for the first time, much to our dismay. Asher has learned to spit water from his sippy cup, so mealtimes are wetter and more adventurous. He will walk soon, I predict (and I hope).

It’s Advent! How wonderful. We are doing our nativity scene Advent calendar, and making a chain of all the names of Jesus, adding one link daily. It is simple and just the right pace for us at this point in our lives. We miss Advent services at Ascension, and are praying continually for God to lead us to the right church home. The church we visisted last Sunday didn’t even mention Advent!

What are you doing to prepare your hearts this Advent?

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Last month, I asked for help choosing a Bible for our oldest, who just turned six. Read the original post for our parameters, and the original comments for some good suggestions.

We ended up choosing the ESV Children’s Bible, per Kacie‘s suggestion. We really like it. Maya opened it for her birthday, hugged it, and squealed with delight. (“My very own Bible! This is my favorite gift! I will read it every day!” Ah, music.) Jason and I like the translation, the non-cheesy artwork, and the introductions (so far – haven’t read them all yet).

Like most Bibles, this one has awfully thin pages. I just think a parent needs to make sure a child is old enough to understand how to turn pages carefully before giving them a real Bible. Due to Maya’s frequent thumbing, the corners are getting curled, but she’s doing a nice job smoothing them down prior to shutting the book and trying not to wrinkle anything too much.

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A Split

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh voted to split from the Episcopal Church today. They are joining the worldwide Anglican church instead. Read about it here.

We are Episcopalian (Anglican now!) and still members of our church in Pittsburgh. We are thinking of you all today, Ascension.

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